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Nike Triax C6 Watches

Nike Triax C6 Watches


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Nike Triax C6 Watches

Models: Nike Triax C6 SM0014-001, SM0014-079 Fitness instructor extraordinaire Jay Blahnik helped us design this heart rate monitor with features just for people in the club. Jay has a great philosophy. How you feel matters most. "The formulas and numbers may not work for you. So don't shoot for a number. Shoot for a feeling. Then see how the numbers change over time."

Nike Triax C6 Watches FEATURES:
Continuous heart rate display. -The Zone Finder is a 15 minute test that helps determine your heart rate zones based on how you feel. Simple.
-A basic exercise timer (stopwatch).
-Calorie counter.
-Features a graph display to help you visualize your workout the way you would on a treadmill or stair climbing machine.
-Tells the time, date, and has two alarms. Safe in a swimming pool.
-The watch and the chest strap both have a battery hatch, so you can change the battery yourself.

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Nike Triax C6 Watches

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